Iman Issa

Exhibited works

Heritage Studies #22, 2016
Painted wood, vinyl text
26 3/4 x 96 1/2 in
68 x 245 cm


Born in 1979, Cairo, Egypt. Lives and works in Cairo and New York, US.


Iman Issa is known for her politically nuanced, socially engaging conceptual sculpture. Issa was a student of political science and philosophy in Cairo before switching to painting. Issa works primarily in installation, employing a variety of forms and strategies to investigate the political and personal associations of history, language, the politics of memory, and the object.

In projects marked by a detached sensibility, Issa reinterprets historical objects on an intimate scale. Her series Material (2010–12) features displays with biting titles that point to the impossibility of representing the past with absolute fidelity. In her series, Heritage Studies, Issa poetically renterprets historical objects on an intimate scale by reimagining museum artifacts as sculptures still placed alongside labels detailing the original relics.

In 2016, Issa’s sculptures were exhibited alongside works by Marcel Broodthaers, Hans Haacke, Darcy Lange, Louise Lawler, Maria Loboda,
Kerry James Marshall, Katja Novitskova, Yoko Ono and Hardeep Pandhal, at Modern Art Oxford’s fiftieth anniversary exhibition, ‘Kaleidoscope: The Vanished Reality’.