Tarik Kiswanson

Exhibited works

The wait, 2017
Brass welded with silverware and steel
158 x 40 x 40 cm


Born in 1986, Sweden. Lives and works in Paris and Amman.


Through sculpture, performance, and writing, Tarik Kiswanson’s practice reclaims and hybridizes personal, cultural and political histories. In doing so Kiswanson seeks to produce particular modalities of relation and perception. The form and materiality of his works are inextricably linked to questions of exile, identity, and hybridity. He negates stable notions of identity in favour of conceptual and formal strategies that articulate a fluid politics of identity — one that encompasses the various collisions of culture that have shaped both the artist’s experiences and aesthetic practice.


He frequently works with highly polished steel and brass. Their reflective quality, coupled with their sharp, razor-thin appearance, often imparts a feeling of instability. Highly sensitive to their context, his sculptures respond to their spatial environment by multiplying, refracting, and reflecting their viewers and the surrounding architecture. Contemporary life has become one of accelerating multiplicity. Formal hybridity and multiplicity comprise the conceptual core of Kiswanson’s work.




Exhibitions at carlier | gebauer